DOTA 2 Gaming PC


Gladiator have selected custom Dota 2 gaming PCs for an essential gaming experience in Dota 2 at each budget range. From budget Dota 2 gaming PCs all the way up to high performance Dota 2 PCs, we’ve hand picked the systems that will maximise your gaming experience.

Built to Win

Enter battle as one of over hundred Dota heroes. The diverse range of heroes, abilities and powerful items is unprecedented. There are no limitations in this game, quite the opposite; Dota empowers you to express your own uniqueness.

Dota 2 has been described as a modern multiplayer masterpiece due to its constantly evolving gameplay, features and heroes.

DOTA 2 © Valve Corporation, all rights reserved. The systems recommended above are chosen to be suitable for gameplay based on published hardware requirements and our own testing, however no guarantee of performance is provided. Gladiator Computers do not have any association with Valve Corporation. The DOTA 2 game itself will not be provided with computers purchased from Gladiator Computers unless otherwise stated.