Recommended Gladiator Gaming PCs for Warframe


Quite simply the ultimate in free-to-play first persion online multiplayer games. Warframe was released in 2013 and has since gone from strength to strength, combining lightning-fast action gameply with a deep character progression.


Whichever warframe you choose, and whatever weapons you prefer, you will need a great PC to make the most of this great game. The Gladiator Team has chosen three systems which should ensure that you experience this first person shooter masterpiece in all it's glory.

Warframe © Digital Extremes, all rights reserved. The systems recommended above are chosen to be suitable for gameplay based on published hardware requirements and our own testing, however no guarantee of performance is provided. Gladiator Computers do not have any association with Digital Extremes. The Warframe game itself will not be provided with computers purchased from Gladiator Computers unless otherwise stated.